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Boulder Retaining Walls

Add structure and support to your property with a professionally designed and installed boulder retaining wall. Retaining walls can be used to stabilize a sloping landscape, act as erosion control to protect gardens and flowerbeds, or even add more usable space to your property. Choosing boulders to build your retaining wall ensures a beautiful, natural look for your landscape.

Here at Horizon Landscape, every boulder retaining wall is professionally engineered with safety and elegance in mind. Our licensed and trained technicians carefully construct your boulder wall to ensure it lasts forever.

Hardscape Design and Installation

One of the best ways to transform your property is with hardscape services from Horizon Landscape. Hardscape services provide new ways to get the most out of your lawn by creating new usable space. Whether you want to add a patio to your backyard, a pathway in your front lawn, or anything in between, Horizon Landscape is the hardscape provider for you.

From design to installation, the hardscape technicians at Horizon Landscape have everything you need for a beautiful property. Don’t settle for second-best hardscape services, invest in long-lasting beauty from Horizon Landscape.

Hardscape Ideas and Options
  • Patios
  • Pavers and Stepping Stones
  • Pathways, Footpaths, and Sidewalks
  • Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Hardscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Retaining Walls
  • Fountains and Water Features
  • Staircases


Transform the look and feel of your landscape with Redi-Rock hardscape installations from Horizon Landscape. Redi-Rock materials are designed to be easy to stack and build with while retaining the beautiful, natural looks and rugged durability of actual rocks and boulders.

The experts here at Horizon Landscape can help make your hardscaping ideas a reality by using the rugged and beautiful materials from Redi-Rock. The prefabricated blocks from Redi-Rock easily stack and interlock, without the need of tiebacks or geogrid, allowing you to design your hardscape projects pretty much any way you want.

Landscape Design and Installation

A great way to improve the overall look of your property and boost your home’s curb appeal is with a gorgeous landscape. Landscape design and installation from Horizon Landscape helps you achieve just that. With proper planning, execution, and maintenance, we can help turn your lawn into a verdant oasis that’s sure to make your home the envy of the block.

Not only can the expert technicians at Horizon Landscape give you a brand new, custom-designed landscape installation, but we can also repair and maintain existing landscape work. No matter what your landscape ideas are, Horizon Landscape can help you get there.

Landscape Ideas and Options
  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Mulch
  • Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance
  • Water Features
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Living Areas


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to establish or refurbish a lawn while avoiding the time-consuming method of manually seeding or the expensive option of installing sod, then hydro-seeding is the way to go. Hydro-seeding is the fastest and most efficient way to seed a lawn. 

The ingenious process of hydro-seeding mixes a slurry of water, nutrients, and grass seed to be evenly sprayed across your lawn. The unique mix of grass seed ensures your lawn is made up of multiple types of similar grass, protecting your turf from lawn disease and pests.

Benefits of Hydro-Seeding a Lawn
  • Faster and more efficient than manual seeding
  • Easier and less expensive than laying sod
  • Great for filling in thin and bare patches
  • Creates healthier, more diverse lawns

Unilock Pavers and Walls

Take your hardscape to the next level with Unilock materials from Horizon Landscape. Stunning prefabricated brick pavers and wall designs from Unilock look as good as the real thing, but are much easier to work with. The easy, interlocking design of Unilock products, along with the incredible array of styles and options, means you’re sure to find the perfect look for you.

Not every landscape and hardscape company has access to Unilock materials. That’s why choosing Horizon Landscape is the best choice for you. Because we’re a factory authorized contractor for Unilock, Horizon Landscape has access to all the greatest Unilock products and designs.

Commercial Snow Plowing

Keep your business clear of piled-up snow and slippery ice this winter with commercial snow plowing and ice removal from Horizon Landscape. Signing up for this essential winter service helps ensure the safety of your customers and employees while keeping your property beautiful and easy-to-access, all winter-long.

Remove Snow and Ice From Your Business
  • Parking Lot
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Sidewalks and Pathways
  • Loading Bays

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Keeping your lawn green and healthy helps improve the overall appearance of your entire property. A beautiful lawn improves the value of your home by boosting curb appeal and providing more usable space outside. With lawn mowing and maintenance services from Horizon Landscape, you won’t have to lift a finger to achieve your dream lawn.

Regular mowing, fertilizing, and grub control help keep your lawn at peak health and beauty. Signing up for lawn mowing and maintenance from the pros at Horizon Landscape ensures your lawn will always look its best.

Lawn Maintenance From Horizon Landscape can Include
  • Regular Mowing
  • Fertilization Schedules
  • Grub Control
  • Disease and Pest Monitoring
  • Spring and Fall Lawn Clean Up

Invest in a More Beautiful Lawn

With Professional Landscape, Hardscape, and Lawn Care Services From Horizon Landscape

Experience the Horizon Difference

Why Choose Us

Incredible Customer Experience

Giving you the best experience possible is what it’s all about. Providing each and every customer with an exceptional experience is at the foundation of how we work. Our friendly and respectful technicians treat everyone with respect and kindness. At the end of the day, You’ll be happy that you chose Horizon Landscape for your landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care needs.

Experienced and Reliable Technicians

You deserve the very best products and services for your landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care. The elite technicians at Horizon Landscape set the standard for excellence when it comes to turning a lawn into a functioning work of art.

Highest-Quality Materials

With access to some of the highest-quality materials in the industry, like Unilock and Redi-Rock products, Horizon Landscape ensures that every customer gets the best of the best. Not only do these products look great, but they’re tough too. By only using the very best materials available, Horizon Landscape ensures we get incredible, long-lasting results.


Don’t Just Take Our Word, Find Out What Everyone’s Saying About Horizon Landscape

mNm Stokes

"Just had Horizon landscaping do work behind our building at CGC Water Treatment to take care of some drainage issues we were having. I would highly recommend them. Great people with Kyle, Chris and crew. They were efficient and the price was right. We are excited with how it turned out."

Douglas Baldwin

I wish I could give Horizon a 6-Star review. They just finished replacing 2 retaining walls and repairing some brick pavers. The final product far exceeded what my wife and I expected; it's beautiful! Everyone was professional and respectful. Also, all the damage to the lawn was repaired and the clean up was perfect. Thank you, Horizon!!!

Blaine Pickhover

"I have worked with Dave on many projects. I have experienced nothing but great quality and integrity in his work. refreshing to have someone follow through with what they say. you can have the peace of mind when you hire Horizon Landscape."